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Yolanda's Indie Vibe With Sam Archer & Kia Renee - "Soul Music Vineyard"

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Music will always be my passion for doing what I Love Doing on the radio! Now almost 40 years in the business Starting my own Indie Radio Station brought back that passion.. Listening to so many talented artist that you may not hear on traditional radio!! Now with technology we can bring some of this great music to the masses.. All it takes is folks caring enough to bring it them to you! Major Shoutout to the Urban Influencers!!

In this Episode of my Indie Vibe Podcast I had a chance to speak to a Very Talented Producer and Artist Samuel Archer, who Produced Soul Music Vineyard, which is an amazing project, And Song Writer, Singer Kia Renee.. Sam & Kia have a #1 Song on the Indie Charts called Unbrothered.. We chopped it about the single and the project "Soul Music Vineyard".

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